Public Health England reports(9th January) that flu like illness is at a high compared to the last three years. They are recommending that people at risk can still have the flu jab- up take by even at risk people under 65 is very low at 50 %). Viruses do not respond to antibiotics but I guess GPs get desperate when people keep going back to their doctor with symptoms and so will try anything.

Cannot put a link in here otherwise the system will block this entry. but just type public health England flu in and the report is on their front page.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and pointers if anyone finds a miracle cure please post it we're desperate.

we have just started getting over it my partner came down with it in earlie december he was rushed to hospital and told his white blood cells was not acting the way they was so i dont know if this has something to do with it but he is still been sick during the nights now and sleepy all the time the effects he had while e had the flu bug then i caught it 22nd december im still having problems now too!

im not as bad as i was the first week i had it but i have not gone back to normal my daughter 5 had it firsst in november early and then only managed to get rid of it this month everybody i know has had it now and keep re catching it or the symtoms dont go im from yorkshire

Thank you Steph thats really helpful as some of my relatives are in Yorkshire (Leeds and Hebden Bridge). Im not one for conspiracy theories but I cant believe that theres been nothing on the national news about how widespread this outbreak is and how long it knocks patients out for. My sister in law is a GP and she gets loads of cases and the same faces week after week. My 12 year old daughter is off school today because she feels barely able to move her neck her skin and her joints are really hurting Im taking her to the doctors (again. ) shortly. My symptoms are a terrible sharp cough and the same aching skin joints neck plus being full up with phlegm which is vile in itself. If the pain could be dealt with it would be something but nothing touches it!

when my partner took my son to doctors he said they was hundreds of patients that week with the same thing im left with weak legs sharp pains in head and vile phelm i hope you feel well soon god knows what it is even my cbt worker had it when i went my friend had the flu jab and still caught it i did find something online saying that its like a flu virus thats related but its making the flu jab not work or something never had anything like it though suppose new illness's start all the time though

Sounds rough! Hope everyone feels better soon. Here in the States, my city is number three in the nation for having the most cases of the flu. So far I have been fortunate, as well as my children.

Could there be something in your environment that is causing these drawn out symptoms? My first thought was possible allergies.

The fact that its spread across friends and family around the UK doesnt really make that stand up and that my daughter and I have been prescribed antihistermines too which had no effect doesnt really point to that but yes Ive thought about it. Ive wondered about methane which can cause flu like symptoms or something in our diet. Thank you though Ill try to see if theres any commonality between friends and family and their environment.

I'm not from the UK but from California. However, my wife and I have experienced the exact same symptoms since approximately October 10, 2014. Started with dry persistent non productive cough. 1st Dr. Said a cold. 3 weeks later visited second Dr given prednisone and antibiotics 4 weeks later 3rd Dr. Again gave prednisone and cough med's. Cough ceased for 3 days then returned with more like cold symptoms and productive cough with clear sputum. Still persistent cough, going to Dr. Again this evening. Wish me luck.

My husband and I have had the same symptoms since early December, constant coughing, finding it hard to breathe, head cold, muzzy head, neck aching etc. etc. and it lasted until about 2 weeks ago and we both felt ok - as we are singers it was a great relief not having to try and sing through the coughing, we had a weeks respite and we both woke up on Thursday morning with the symptoms back with a vengence, in fact during a coughing fit today I managed to cough up what looked like a piece of lung. almost solid cream coloured thing that had fine red lines in it, a bit frightening. We haven't been to the doctors as having spoken to a lot of other people that have similar symptoms they can't get anything done, so it isn't worth bothering, a couple were taken into hospital with breathing difficulties, I think they suffered with asthma as well, I find it really hard to breath and try to do so shallowly to stave off the coughing fit, we are getting through a mountain of paracetamol. By the way, we are on the south coast of England.

i have read your post and can not believe you have not seen a g p after coughing up what you describe and suggest you go and see a doctor a s a p,as you dont know exactly what you are suffering from,i know how you feel with doctors but you do need to be seen to sooner rather than later,i am not trying to frighten you in any way,but need a mdics advice on what could be wrong,good luck.

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You see, he isn’t necessarily a broke old timer. He has a little something, but he worked his whole life to have that and to be able to pass it down. Well, these people are trying to force him to go to the doctor. Stuff appears in the fridge we don’t remember buying. We do all his shopping and take care of him.

These people are renowned for preying on elderly people who may have family but have money and need help and they’ll let them die and take everything from the families left behind. They have stolen an increasing amount of his collections and bank statements/check book so they know what he has in the bank. Also, we have noticed they had a key.

Every time they would take him to the doc, this dude’s wife would ransack his house. Well, we changed the locks and moved in down the road and since we have been going up to his house every three hours and helping him, they drive up and down the road waiting and watching. They know he can’t keep anything down. He can barely drink anything. His vomit is for sure blackish red. When we noticed the milk, he told us we got it for him and I swear my husband said he didn’t think anything of it. It had seemed to have been opened. Once before he thought it may have been his dad. Well, right after he started to drink this milk, he started vomiting. We got rid of it and he stopped throwing up until he would try to eat. He said he can’t eat because everything tastes sweet.

I've looked everywhere and this has been the closest I've come to an answer. We knew for sure he was poisoned but we didn’t know what type it could have been.

He is also losing his speech. He has a sound mind but has losing his strength and everything he cares about the most. He hasn’t been able to keep anything down now for seven or eight days and I am starting to worry.

I need answers. It’s to the point we think he won’t make it to Christmas. He is an 88 year old World War II veteran who would do anything for anyone at any time. He doesn’t deserve this insane act of hatred, and to make it worse he gave the jerks causing all this 17 grand to help finish their home. They were supposed to sell their old house to him and knock what they owed him off the price. Instead, they sold it out from under him.

They are dirty as dirty comes and to be honest, they are the ones who are going to have to answer to the Lord Almighty come judgment day, and for all their hurtful and painful sins they’ll be damned to hell for all eternity.

32) I've been married over 20 years. We have a 20 year old and teenager at home. I began to suspect my husband was putting yard chemicals in my shampoo two years ago. I came home to find liquid spilled in the garage near our 'chemicals for outdoors rack.' The peculiar thing was, in the middle of the dried puddle, was the shape of my shampoo bottle, as if he had been pouring and overran the bottle.

I’d had episodes of burning scalp and small red whelps down my back, without any obvious reason. Always a favorite of ours, my husband has stopped drinking orange juice but offers it to me often. I have noticed gastric pains and nausea about an hour after. Three weeks ago, while preparing to go out, I put liquid make-up on my face and suddenly got very dizzy. My face was burning and I smelled a very strong odor of acetone. I rushed out of the bedroom to the kitchen to wash my face (my husband had just gotten out of shower in room where I had been). When I washed my face, big pieces of skin peeled off my nose and both sides of my cheeks. I was very dizzy and my vision was blurry. My husband just stood there, drying himself, watching me like a mouse in a trap. Lab tests for heavy metal poisoning are negative, and I have no money for hair testing or testing my shampoo, make-up and juice.

To make it worse, I have become aware that my husband sabotages me in public with little negative statements here and there. It's easy to say, 'just leave.' It’s much harder to do and take children too, with no way to support myself, plus I will lose many friends as my husband is very charismatic and respected, if not always well liked.

31) I am looking up this topic because last year my house got broken into. I was sick and missed over five weeks of work. Now I think my food was poisoned. The doctor told me to throw every thing that I ate, touched, or breathed and start over. I just do not know who broke in. But I was unable to get out of bed for three days and finally went to the doctor.

I have a crazy ex who has tried to run me off the road. One time, I got a smiley text from him, and swoosh! I was spinning in the ditch to keep a truck from hitting me. When I talked to the police, I was told to report it the next time, and they would try to narrow his location by the cell tower.

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Vaccination is perhaps the best guard against influenza infection. Prophylaxis is the most commonly administered vaccination for influenza. However the kind of vaccination administered depends on the epidemiological context.
The effectiveness of Influenza vaccination lasts for around a year, after which fresh vaccination is required. The body develops immunity after round two weeks of vaccination. In addition, the vaccination is effective only against certain strains of influenza and may fail as new strains originate.

No information obtained on this site should be relied on as the basis for treating or diagnosing conditions, symptoms, or illness. All queries should be directed to your health professional.

Always see your practitioner concerning your treatment options if you are pregnant or if suffering an illness or injury resulting from an accident. Read: complete disclaimer.

Since July 2011, 345 people in the U.S. have reported infection with the H3N3v virus, and most human cases have been mild. Twenty of the cases were hospitalized, with only 1 reported death. For the most current information from CDC about the influenza A H3N2v virus and how best to prevent it, click here. OSHA will continue to work with the CDC and update recommendations based on the situation.

See also, OSHA Fact Sheet: Influenza in Workers and Pigs: Guidance for Commercial Swine Farmers and Pork Producers (October 2010), for protecting workers who may be exposed to known or suspected influenza infections in pigs.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
200 Constitution Ave., NW,
Washington, DC 20210
800-321-6742 (OSHA)



Doctors, Army officers, and reporters wear surgical gowns and masks while making a tour of a hospital to observe influenza treatment of patients in 1918. Bettmann/Corbis hide caption

A flu virus that killed tens of millions worldwide after it appeared in 1918 has been recreated in the virological equivalent of the Jurassic Park story. Scientists rebuilt it from pieces of genetic material retrieved from the lungs of people who died 87 years ago. Researchers writing in the journals Science and Nature say the tightly guarded replica is even more virulent than they expected.

Yet public health officials aren't worried that the 1918 flu will again terrorize the population. It's no longer a new virus, and most people in the world have some immunity to the H1N1 virus family.

What if the virus that caused the 1918 flu, or one similar to it, re-appeared today?

The Bad News: The 1918 virus was a million times more potent than the average modern flu virus.

The Good news: Most people living today would have some immunity to viruses in the 1918 virus' family, called H1N1.

More Good News: The current bird flu virus, which the global public health community is watching, is mostly transmitted from bird to bird. It has infected about 120 humans, but rarely has it spread from human to human, making it not very infectious.

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Because SIBO is thought to prevent people from absorbing and processing fructose and vegetables with insoluble fiber, the diets above should be modified to address these issues. Fruit and veggies with insoluble fiber need to be taken out and reintroduced very slowly.

Beans and nuts are also foods that are known to cause digestive flare ups.

One of the best ways to prevent SIBO from recurring is to keep digestive fire strong. That means having sufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach and sufficient enzymes to help break down the food so no undigested particles remain.

Things that keep digestion and absorption strong are taking probiotics, enzymes, or bitters before a meal. Or diluting a bit of apple cider vinegar in water and drinking it before a meal.

Dr. Pimentel also recommends fasting 3 to 5 hours between meals to give the small intestine the opportunity to sweep bad bacteria out.

Lastly, constipation-dominant SIBO is much harder to teat because it indicates a higher level of bacteria and methane gas, according to Dr.Siebecker.

I believe there can be many causes of IBS, and SIBO is just one of them. I will talk about more underlying causes for IBS in future blog posts.

What is your name?

Please indicate below the emails to which you want to send this article: One cause of IBS: SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

Enter one email per line. No more than 100 emails.

Angela Privin is proof that IBS is NOT an incurable disease or a disease at all. IBS is a body out of balance. It’s an invitation for change. After solving her own IBS mystery more than a decade ago Angela trained as a health coach to help others.

Angela uses both science and intuition to help people figure out what’s out of balance in their body. She works with lab tests, dietary changes, supplementation and nervous system rebalancing. Get help rebalancing your digestive system and solving your IBS mystery here.


Years ago, my husband and I ate at a “hole in the wall” Mexican restaurant. He thought his meal tasted great. Mine was pretty good too. While we were waiting for the check, he started to feel sick. It came on so fast. He got up to go look for the bathroom and immediately started vomiting. He left a trail of vomit all the way to the bathroom (which unfortunately was the women’s bathroom, poor guy). Anyway, when he finished vomiting he felt fine. Two hours later, he had a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce. I suspect that this type of food poisoning was from the toxins produced either by Staphylococcus aureus or Bacillus cereus since it came on so suddenly and was over so quickly. No one else caught it from him which further supports a diagnosis of food poisoning.

Another example of obvious non-contagious food poisoning happened to my sister and her coworker recently. They went to happy hour (at 5pm) at a local restaurant and shared an appetizer of fried calamari with a dipping sauce. At 10pm, they were both vomiting. Since they don't live together and didn't eat anything else that was the same that day, I am very certain that they got food poisoning from that shared appetizer. The dipping sauce was probably sitting out barely warm under a heat lamp all afternoon growing toxin producing bacteria. No one else caught it from them so that further suggests that it was food poisoning.

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It is a contagious and infectious condition which often manifests itself as major pandemics, which may occur in any season interspersed with seasonal epidemics of varying severity.

Influenza is more prominent during the winter season. In winter, the immune system of the body is weak. As people usually stay indoors and are in close proximity to each other, it spreads quickly during winter.

Prognosis of Influenza

The prognosis of Influenza is more severe and lasts longer than ‘common cold’. Recovery period of flu is about one to two weeks. The person remains contagious for about six days from the date of infection.

Influenza leaves the respiratory epithelium weak and prone to several other infections and attack by other pathogens. Influenza can be life threatening when it develops into pneumonia. It may affect people of any age.

Types of Influenza

There are three types of influenza viruses, they are:

1) Type A influenza virus which generally affects the mammals and birds like ducks, chicken and in some cases human beings. There are three variants of Type A influenza viruses namely H1N1 (e.g swine flu), H1N2 (e.g Asian flu and Hongkong flu), and H1N3 viruses.

2) Type B flu virus that infects only humans. This causes mild fever and is less harmful than type A flu.

3) Type C flu which causes mild respiratory infections. virus C. The symptoms of Type C influenza infection resembles the symptoms of common cold and is not pandemic.This flu infects only humans.

Causes of influenza

Influenza is usually caused due to faulty eating habits (dietetic errors) and unhygienic living conditions, like stuffy rooms. Anxiety, overwork, Lack of exercise and faulty lifestyle also provide grounds for influenza infection. The flu virus spreads easily through the saliva droplets released in the air due to sneezing and coughing of the person infected by flu and can infect and weak person quickly.

The birth of influenza virus is closely associated with birds(Avian flu) and other animals (e.g swine flu). Thus Influenza pandemics often originate in places where human beings live in close proximity of animals.

Symptoms of Influenza
The symptoms of influenza are:

  • High fever (upto 40 ° C)
  • Chills and headache
  • Sore throat
  • Dry cough
  • Irritated eyes
  • Nasal congestion and Congestion of the lungs
  • Body aches including Muscle and joint pain
  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Pharyngitis

Transmission of influenza virus

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I have been on lexapro for about 6 months and had to quit cold turkey due to financial reasons and this is a complete NIGHTMARE! I have had brain zaps that feel like electricity running through my head, then a sensation of the breath being sucked out of me which in turn cause my lips to start tingling and this is just the tip of the iceberg. When these symptoms started they brought on what my neurologist is now calling a complicated migraine and when I get one of those I sometimes don't know who my family is during it and I develop aphasia which is all really scary. This has been going on since Father's Day. I am about to loose my mind! I really don't know how much more I can take.

When my doctor first prescribed Lexapro for me, I thought I had died and went to heaven; it really worked well for me (helped to alleviate depression and anxiety). After taking it for approximately 10 years ranging from 10 mg to 30 mg daily doses depending on a variety of life stressors, I was tired of trying to wean myself from the 30 mg doses. My doctor told me to decrease my dose from 20 to 10 mg for two weeks and then start 10 mg of Wellbutrin twice a day. The withdrawal symptoms which can be described as flu-like symptoms; dizziness, nausea, etc are awful but every so often the dizziness is accompanied by a whooshy/buzzing sensation in my head. Sometimes I need to sit down so I don't lose my balance. Based on what others have written on this blog, it seems it may have a few more months to suffer through before this hopefully better even though I have since I started taking the Wellbutrin. If anything, misery loves company and I feel less alone knowing that I am not the only one who is being tormented/tortured with these symptoms.

I feel for all you folks.I went in for a stress test and they found a lower heart beating. My Cadriologist told me to stop the lexipro immediately so its been a week and I have crazy headaches and moments of dizziness with some irratability. I wish you all the best and hope you find the answers and comfort you are looking for

I recently stopped taking lexapro, most likely two weeks ago. I have noticed a huge shift in my weight. I have gained about 10 pounds. Could this be a discontinuation side effect of the meds?

I was taking 5mg of Lexapro for over 2 years for horrible perimenopause symptoms. I tapered very slowly and have been off a month today. For almost two weeks I have never felt worse in my life. My anxiety is through the roof! I have constant hot flashes and terrible insomnia. My appetite is gone too. While on Lexapro, I gained weight and was hungry often. This is a horrible way to live. How long will this last? My husband says that my dose was so low that I could not possibly be affected by withdrawal symptoms. But, why do I feel so terrible when I have never felt this way before? I was on the drug for over 2 years. Any help is so appreciated.

Typical Signs of Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia.

Irritability. This isn't your typical "I just don't want to be bothered right now". This is a growing anger and near hatred of everything and everyone around you. This symptom of sleep deprivation will cause you to snap at the littlest things and boil over in anger at the most trivial of mistakes. You'll quickly know whether or not this level of "intolerance" is normal for you.

Tiredness. An unwavering, incessant feeling of "I just want to lay down and do nothing". In fact, doing nothing and thinking nothing sounds like the PERFECT idea and you want to start right now -- even if you're at work in the middle of a board meeting. Any task, be it big or small, is just too much work for you to handle and you want nothing more than to just sit or lay somewhere peacefully. You are quite literally sapped of energy.

Socially Inept. This isn't being "shy", this interacting with a wall who has recently been reincarnated into a human being. The things you say to people are incomprehensible and things said to you might as well be in a whole different language. Unlike the irritability symptoms of sleep deprivation, you're fine with everyone around you and you don't even mind talking to people -- you just can't understand what they are saying nor can you communicate effectively with them.

Note: If you're not real big talker or a "social butterfly" as its called, then this is one of those symptoms of sleep deprivation that you're bound to miss.

If You Have Any Of These Symptoms, Then Consider Using This Natural Insomnia Cure Instead of OTC Sleep Aids. More Often Than Not, Regular Use of Sleeping Pills Worsen Insomnia Problems.

Stress Cracker. Just as it says, this sign of sleep deprivation causes you to crack, fold, and just topple-over from any amount of stress or pressure. You feel like the whole world is on your shoulders and you can't solve any problem you are faced with. You feel, in a word, helpless.

Memory Loss. You aren't brain damaged or anything, but the lack of sleep and severe sleep deprivation has definitely impaired your cognition. Seconds, minutes, or hours ago, it doesn't matter -- you just can't recollect anything specifically in your mind. Its more of a "hazy" memory rather than an all together non-existent one.

Bad Concentration. One of the many signs of sleep deprivation that can seriously interfere in the work place. You just can't seem to focus on anything you're doing, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. Not only do you have poor focus and mental concentration, but your reaction time is slowed significantly as well. This is one of the more serious effects of insomnia as it literally has an affect on EVERYTHING you do.

Strange Appetite Changes. This symptom of sleep deprivation will cause you to either be super hungry all the time or it'll make you not want to eat anything at all, ever. Whatever the case may be, it's definitely not a normal thing and you may wind up losing weight or even gaining weight depending on how long this period of sleep deprivation lasts.

So, are these symptoms of sleep deprivation affecting you? If they are, then it's time to do something about it and treat your sleeplessness before it gets worse. These signs of sleep deprivation might not like seem like a big deal when they first appear, but don't be fooled, they can and WILL interfere with how you live your life.

Being Deficient in Iodine Affects Thyroid Function

Iodine is an essential mineral. It is a non-metal that is only needed in small, trace amounts in the body but it must be present in the right amount.

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Ausgelöst wird die Grippe durch bestimmte Viren: die sogenannten Influenzaviren vom Typ A, B und C.

Der Hauptunterschied zwischen Grippe und Erkältung ("grippaler Infekt"): Bei der Grippe treten die Symptome gleichzeitig und heftiger auf:

Es kommt zu hohem Fieber über 38,5 Grad Celsius,.

. das mit Schüttelfrost einhergehen kann.

Das Fieber kann über mehrere Tage andauern und schwächt den Betroffenen.

Auch Husten zählt bei einer Grippe zu den gängigen Beschwerden.

Manche Betroffene leiden unter Halsschmerzen und Heiserkeit,.

. andere Grippepatienten klagen zudem über Kopf- und Gliederschmerzen.

Bis die Grippe ausgestanden ist, vergehen meist ein bis zwei Wochen.

Eine normale Erkältung beginnt häufig mit Schnupfen, leichtes Fieber kann dazukommen. Die Symptome wechseln sich ab und treten in milderer Form auf als bei der Grippe.

Bei der Grippe dauert es nach der Ansteckung mit dem Virus wenige Stunden bis drei Tage, bis erste Symptome auftreten. Schon während dieser sogenannten Inkubationszeit kann man andere anstecken; also auch, wenn man noch keine Beschwerden spürt.

Ist die Grippe einmal ausgebrochen, kann der Betroffene andere noch etwa drei bis fünf Tage anstecken.

Kinder können das Grippevirus sogar bis zu sieben Tage nach dem Auftreten der Symptome weitergeben.

Bei sonst Gesunden ist meist keine spezielle Therapie erforderlich. Bei Bedarf können Sie Medikamente gegen die Symptome einnehmen, etwa Mittel gegen Fieber oder Schmerzen.

Wichtig: Kinder mit Grippe dürfen keinesfalls sogenannte Salicylate (wie ASS) erhalten, da sie hierdurch eine lebensbedrohliche Erkrankung namens Reye-Syndrom entwickeln können. Wirkstoffe wie Paracetamol oder Ibuprofen sind geeignet.

Virushemmende Mittel kommen meist nur dann infrage, wenn der Verdacht oder ein erhöhtes Risiko besteht, dass die Grippe schwer verläuft. Das kann der Fall sein bei Schwangeren oder.

. bei älteren Personen und bei Menschen mit chronischen Erkrankungen, etwa der Lunge, des Herzens oder des Stoffwechsels (z.B. Diabetes).

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    Wenn wir krank sind mit einer Virusinfektion, ist es, weil das Virus in Zellen in unserem Körper eingegeben und übernommen ihre Maschinen, um Kopien von sich selbst zu machen. Die Suche nach Möglichkeiten, diesen Prozess zu stören, ist wichtig für die antivirale Arzneimittelentwicklung. Jetzt zeigt eine neue Studie, wie das Grippevirus auf ein Protein in der Wirtszelle angewiesen ist, um ihm zu helfen, seine Mission zu vollenden.

    You can also catch flu by touching an infected person, for instance, shaking hands. Adults are contagious 1-2 days before getting symptoms and up to 7 days after becoming ill. This means that you can spread the influenza virus before you even know you are infected.

    In this article, we explain the symptoms of flu, how it is treated, how it differs from a cold, and the best ways to prevent flu occurring.

    Here are some key points about flu. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.

    • Antibiotics cannot be used to treat flu.
    • Approximately 5-20 percent of Americans will develop flu.
    • Experts agree that the best way to prevent flu is to get vaccinated each year.
    • The flu vaccine is not suitable for certain groups of people, such as those who have a severe allergy to chicken eggs.

    Confusing flu with a bad cold is common. Flu and cold symptoms may both include a runny/blocked nose, sore throat, and cough.

    To help you tell them apart, below are some symptoms of flu that are different from a heavy cold:

    • high temperature
    • cold sweats and shivers
    • headache
    • aching joints and limbs
    • fatigue, feeling exhausted

    There may also be gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; these are much more common among children than adults.

    Normally, symptoms linger for about 1 week. However, the feeling of tiredness and gloom can continue for several weeks.

    It is worth noting that not every person with flu will have all of the symptoms; for instance, it is possible to have flu without fever.

    Often, fatigue is one of the earliest signs of flu and cold. With flu, the fatigue is often more extreme. Other early symptoms can include cough, sore throat, fever, body ache, chills, and gastrointestinal changes.

    As flu is caused by a virus, antibiotics cannot help, unless the flu has led to another illness caused by bacteria. Antivirals, such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza), may be prescribed in some circumstances.

    Painkillers can alleviate some of the symptoms, such as headache and body pains. Various painkillers are available to purchase online. It is important to compare different products, and only take them under the advice of a medical professional.

    Some painkillers, such as aspirin, should not be given to children under 12.

    Individuals with flu should:

    • stay at home
    • avoid contact with other people where possible
    • keep warm and rest
    • consume plenty of liquids
    • avoid alcohol
    • stop smoking
    • eat if possible

    It is a good idea for people that live alone to tell a relative, friend, or neighbor that they have flu and make sure someone can check in on them.

    A doctor only needs to be informed if:

    • the individual is frail or elderly
    • their temperature remains high after 4-5 days
    • symptoms worsen
    • the individual feels seriously ill
    • they become short of breath and/or develop chest pain

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    Comments: Because Dairy Intolerance is genetic - if you have children - you have already passed on the genetic material to them. Make sure you alert them to the possibility of dairy - or other food intolerance - so they can make changes and protect themselves from future disease.

    If your parents or grandparents are having health problems - why not share this knowledge with them? Dairy sensitive people improve dramatically on a Dairy-free diet.

    A. Lactose Intolerance: The simple strategy for managing Lactose Intolerance is to switch to a Dairy-free diet. However the symptoms for Lactose intolerance are similar to - and often confused with Fructose intolerance. Make sure you know which one you have. To differentiate between food intolerances you need the accurate and proven Journal Method.

    B. Casein Allergy: A dairy-free diet is the answer. However - because milk derivatives are so cheap and abundant - there are now thousands of processed foods and supplements containing Casein (e.g. as "milk solids" or "whey powder" and others). The Complete Guide to Dairy-Free is included in the Healing Program

    Here at foodintol ® we don't regard dairy intolerance as a 'disease'. Therefore it does not need to be 'cured'. Any food intolerance only comes about because we eat foods we cannot fully digest.

    Dairy intolerance is the inability to digest cow's milk - because your body does not have the equipment to process it. After all, cow's milk is intended for the cow's offspring, the calf.

    The symptoms and illnesses caused by dairy intolerance disappear when you stick to a Dairy-free diet. You could try it and see if you get better. Track your symptoms with the Detection Diet Journal in the Healing Program

    I think I might have food intolerance: What should I do?

    Beginning with our free e-book, we can help you establish if you are suffering from gluten or wheat intolerance or if your symptoms indicate an intolerance to dairy, fructose or yeast. You may even be suffering from more than one food intolerance.

    Doing nothing can be a risk. Undiagnosed food intolerance can cause serious long-term health problems like osteoporosis, anaemia and many others.

    To learn more – sign up for the free e-book‘How To Tell If You have Food Intolerance’

    Up to 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant to some extent*. In some communities it is even higher (e.g. 90% of African Americans are Lactose Intolerant, and

    80% of Asians). Generally this is not well-known but clinical studies almost forty years ago in the US bear it out.

    Humans are the only mammals on earth to continue drinking milk after weaning at

    2 years of age. And even then it is not our own human milk - but the milk of another species - cows. Western nations consume enormous amounts of cow's milk in products like ice cream, probiotics, butter, yogurt and of course cheese - and in thousands of processed foods like cookies, confectionery and cakes.

    Lactose Intolerance is the inability to digest Lactose, milk sugar, which can only be broken down by an enzyme called lactase. In all mammals including Humans the production of lactase stops after weaning. There are some however - generally of Northern European descent who continue to produce lactase after weaning. This minority is known as 'lactase persistent'.

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    Medikamente gegen Grippe

    Zur gezielten Behandlung der Grippe stehen antivirale – also gegen Viren wirkende – Stoffe zur Verfügung: Oseltamivir und Zanamivir hemmen die Neuraminidase, eines der Oberflächenmoleküle des Virus. Die Neuraminidase spielt unter anderem eine wichtige Rolle bei der Freisetzung der Viren von einer infizierten Zelle.

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    Jährlich fällig: Die Grippeimpfung

    Es existieren wirksame Impfstoffe gegen die Grippe. Der Inhalt wird regelmäßig angepasst, damit er möglichst gut gegen die häufigsten aktuellen Virustypen der Saison schützt. Deshalb und weil die Wirksamkeit der Impfung nicht lange anhält, ist jährlich eine neue Impfung notwendig.

    Wegen des sich ständig verändernden Virus kann jedoch keine Impfung hundertprozentig schützen. Um Infektionen vorzubeugen ist es daher außerdem empfehlenswert, auf eine gute Händehygiene zu achten. Bei Erkältungs- und Grippeepidemien kann es sinnvoll sein, auf die Begrüßung per Handschlag zu verzichten, um einer möglichen Ansteckung vorzubeugen.

    Die Hände richtig waschen – unser Video zeigt, wie das geht:

    If you are in immediate need of help, please contact your local Red Cross or find an open shelter

    Seasonal Flu — A contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza (flu) viruses occurring every year. It affects an average of 5 percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population by causing mild to severe illness, and in some instances can lead to death.

    Epidemic — The rapid spread of a disease that affects some or many people in a community or region at the same time.

    Pandemic — An outbreak of a disease that affects large numbers of people throughout the world and spreads rapidly.

    H1N1 Influenza (swine flu) — H1N1 influenza is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses that cause regular outbreaks in pigs. People do not normally get H1N1 influenza, but human infections can and do happen. H1N1 influenza viruses have been reported to spread from person-to-person.

    Avian Influenza — Commonly known as bird flu, this strain of influenza virus is naturally occurring in birds. Wild birds can carry the virus and may not get sick from it; however, domestic birds may become infected by the virus and often die from it.

    Are you considered high risk for flu-related complications?

    You are at an increased risk if you are:

  • Age 50 or older
  • Pregnant
  • Living with a chronic medical condition
  • A child, age 6 months and older
  • Living with or caring for anyone at high risk

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    Chronic leukemia often causes only a few symptoms or none at all. Signs and symptoms usually develop gradually. People with a chronic leukemia often complain that they just do not feel well. The disease is often found during a routine blood test.

    Other health conditions can cause the same symptoms as leukemia. See your doctor if you have:

    • fatigue
    • a general feeling of discomfort or illness (called malaise)
    • loss of appetite
    • weight loss
    • fever
    • shortness of breath
    • paleness
    • rapid heartbeat (called palpitations)
    • weakness
    • dizziness
    • easy bruising
    • frequent or severe nose bleeds
    • bleeding gums
    • bleeding in the middle of a menstrual cycle or heavy menstrual flow
    • tiny, flat, red spots caused by bleeding just under the surface of the skin (called petechiae)
    • frequent infections in the lungs, urinary tract or gums or around the anus
    • frequent cold sores
    • vomiting
    • headache
    • sore throat
    • night sweats
    • bone or joint pain
    • enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, underarm, groin or above the collarbone
    • abdominal discomfort or feeling of fullness
    • vision problems
    • sores in the eyes
    • swelling of the testicles
    • chloroma – a collection of leukemia cells, or blasts, under the skin or in other parts of the body
    • leukemia cutis – appears as sores or as patches of any size that are usually pink or tan in colour
    • leukocytoclastic vasculitis – a condition that looks like an allergic reaction on the skin and usually causes sores on the hands and feet
    • Sweet’s syndrome, or acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis – causes fever and painful sores that may appear anywhere on the body

    In some cases, leukemia or its treatments can cause serious problems. These cancer-related emergencies need to be treated right away.

    Tumour lysis syndrome can occur when chemotherapy is given to treat acute leukemia, but the cancer cells die quickly and the kidneys can’t remove the substances they release from the blood fast enough. Find out more about tumour lysis syndrome.

    Superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) may occur when too many leukemia cells develop in the thymus, causing it to get bigger and block the windpipe. SVCS may develop with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Find out more about superior vena cava syndrome.

    Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a condition where blood clots develop in the bloodstream and bleeding also occurs. DIC can develop more often with acute promyelocytic leukemia, but also with other subtypes of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Find out more about disseminated intravascular coagulation.

    A rare, cancerous (malignant), green-coloured tumour that develops with myelogenous leukemia. It is formed by the buildup of abnormal blast cells (immature blood cells) that collect in soft tissue outside the bone marrow.

    Chloromas develop most often in the bone, skin, lymph nodes, breast, ovary, meninges (membranes that cover and protect the brain or the spinal cord) and around the eye.

    Also called extramedullary leukemia or granulocytic sarcoma.

    It's important to recognise the symptoms of cat flu as quickly as possible so you can take swift action to get your pet on the road to recovery.

    Sneezing is one of the most obvious signs of cat flu or cat colds, and is usually accompanied by a discharge from the nose and eyes.

    You may notice swelling around your cat's eyes, and in extreme cases, they can be completely closed.

    After a few days, you may notice that the discharge from the eyes becomes yellow and much thicker. In many cases, your cat will become completely lethargic and have a high temperature.

    Your cat will appear to have no interest in doing the things it

    normally does and will seem out of sorts with everything.

    Other symptoms to watch out for include tongue ulcers and enlarged tonsils which can make it very painful for your cat to eat and swallow. These symptoms are likely to lead to your cat refusing to eat and drink, creating a very real danger of dehydration.